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Case Study #3...

How did we help our clients dig out of their software nightmare...

Medical Equipment Supplier - British Columbia

A medium-size medical equipment supplier contacted ComTech because he was not happy with the software he was using to manage his business. With multiple locations and having to manipulate three different software packages (P.O.S., accounting, client management) he was not happy with the complexity of his business process.

ComTech analyzed the process he was following and produced a one-stop web-accessible software package to allow all of his locations to integrate seemlessly into his corporate process. His old data was imported into the new system and the staff quickly switched over to the new application. P.O.S., accounting and client records are all accessible and linked through the single application ComTech POS®. The application was customized to meet his every requirement. We customize all of our applications to suit your specific needs.

Staff: "This is the best POS software we've ever used"

ComTech helped him - We can help you!

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