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Case Study #2...

How did we save our clients from lost data and lack of support...

Optometrist - Ontario

An Optometrist in Ontario came to ComTech for help because his software vendor was no longer in business to support the administration application he had been using for over 10 years. His problem was that his data was corrupted and the application would no longer run.

One of ComTech"s strengths is our approach to data. First, we recovered his 4,000 patient records losing only 4 from the corrupted data and allowed him to continue using his outdated application. Then, ComTech created the MedEasy® Patient Administration application to take over where his previous vendor failed. We then created an automated conversion program to allow all of the Optometrists from the failed application to switch to MedEasy® and retain all of their previous patient records and data.

Do you feel trapped in your current software because you don't want to loose your data?

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