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Case Study #1...

How did we drastically reduce wasted time at one business...

Mini-Storage - Oakville Ontario

A medium-sized business ($7M per month) approached ComTech to improve their end-month reports. The office had a small staff who retrieved reports from the company mainframe and downloaded those reports to the office PCs. Two of the staff were responsible for extracting the relevant data and inserting the numbers and formating graphs in a spreadsheet that was re-used each month. This process took about two weeks for the staff to complete.

ComTech analyzed the process and created an automated extration from the mainframe that produced the exact same reports required by head office. Statistical information was saved in a database instead of spreadsheets allowing future reports to also indicate trends and projections.

Total processing time required for the new reports was about 5 minutes.

How much time are you wasting on an apparently good process?

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