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ComTech can build a system that's right for you...

Whether you need software for specific office systems and company networks or you need Internet presence, ComTech can build it for you...

We have built systems that span every market sector. (See Details) we will take the time to fully understand your requirements and walk through every detail to make sure your new system far exceeds what you thought possible. We have been building software for large and small Canadian companies for 31 years.

Server Monitoring - We have systems that can monitor your servers and let you know when there is a problem - before your customers call you to complain!

Office Administration - We have a custom office administration program to streamline every bit of your office workload - work smarter - not harder. Checkout our CT One Place

Medical Administration - We have a Medical administration package that offers scheduling, automated recalls, invoicing, automatic claims processing for the Ministry of Health of Ontario, automatic reconciliation , financial reports, prescriptions, email appointment reminders and more.

Pilot Flight Statistics - We have a web application that allows pilots to maintain their personal log books online - no math errors or scrathing out lines because of mistakes. It maintains up-to-date flying totals and highlights rating maintenance requirements. Check out our

Off-Site Backup - We have an application that will remotely backup your files automatically at intervals that you can specify. Why wait until you lose everything! Get ComTech BackUp and make sure your files are secure.

Mortgage Broker Disclosures - We have a web application that lets mortgage brokers process the disclosures that are required for brokers in British Columbia. Check out our

Web-Driven Examination Generator - We have a web application that allows users to generate and maintain exams and quizzes online. Administrators can have multiple question banks and have limitless options when it comes to exam time. Exams can be public or directed only to users with the exam code. The system allows administrators to specify a different exam for each user by selecting a subset of the questions at random for every user. Administrators can choose whether to print the exam or offer it online as well as defining when the exam will be availble and for how long. This system will even mark the exam and return the mark to the student immediately and inform the administrator of the results. Check out our

Sports Information - We have a web application that keeps track of sports schedules, maintains results of matches and games and builds a stack of statistics on the leagues, teams and players. Check out our

Non-Profit - We have created a number of administrative websites programs for non-profit agencies at allow their managers to administer clients, invoices, schedules, newsletters. ComTech can build an application to make your work easier also.

Web Applications - We have developed quite a list of data-driven web applications for clients around the world. Not just web pages - web applications use databases to store and present information to users and potential clients. This information can be tailored to specific requirements associated with each individual user. You set the rules and the users see exactly what they need at the time. ComTech can build such an application for you.

The Bottom Line

If you don't see what you need in the descriptions above, that's where other companies stop and ComTech takes over. We can build applications from the ground up or customize one of our existing solutions to your exact specifications. You really don't have to settle for what has already been done.

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