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This application will allow you to store applicant information and print applications together with disclosure statements as required by the Mortgage Brokers Act of BC. With complete entry of all parameters, the cost of borrowing statement and Form 1 - Disclosure Statement may be created with all required information merged into the form.

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ComTech Backup
Onsite or offsite - or both. Scheduled backups will save you sooner or later. ComTech has packaged and custom backup system to suit any company size or network configuration. Don't leave the safety of your data up to chance.

CT BruteShield Defender

ComTech has developed a cost-effective solution for protecting your server from hackers trying to gain access through brute-force attacks on Windows systems.

If you have a server exposed to the Internet with no protection, it isn't a matter of if you will be attacked, but when. It is not uncommon for a hacker to pound your system once per second for over 6 hours to gain access.

Given enough time - they will get in.

CT FlightStat - Pilot Log

This web application was written by a commercial pilot in order to facilitate the collection of statistical information required for maintaining ratings and licenses. It is also very helpful for confirming that all training requirements have been met when upgrading. Use this application to reconcile your flight training invoices with your flight log.

Use our PDF generator to create a flying summary for presentation to potential employers.

Check out some of the screens in

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CT Point of Sale

Finally, a Web-Based Business Administration Tool that gives you Sales Administration, Accounting & Contact Management all in one place.

ComTechPOS organizes your client contact information and history in one place and helps you maximize your marketing with custom segmentation. ComTechPOS also delivers comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping tools that allow you to track your business performance and easily complete tax remittances and bank reconciliations. ... And it does poiont-of-sale too!

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DM Credit Services

Our credit personnel are trained professionals with many years experience in credit granting and collection techniques. We effectively collect and manage the receivables of our clients while maintaining valuable customer relationships. We provide the expertise of a credit manager without the expense of a full time employee.

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Island Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre (IDHHC) is a specialized non-profit registered charity created to support people with hearing loss. With offices in Victoria and Nanaimo, the agency's purpose is to promote the safety, equality and general well-being of Deaf, Deaf-Blind, hard of hearing and late-deafened persons throughout Vancouver Island. As well, we provide education to hearing individuals and groups who require information and training on hearing loss and deafness.

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MedEasy Patient Admin Software gives you all the advanced features you have come to expect in todays high tech computerized medical offices without the high price or months of training. We make it easy for you. Even the most inexperienced staff will be up and runninng in no time. Our remote support staff will be standing by online to make sure your transition to MedEasy is an enjoyable one. The advanced features are there when you need them but they will not get in the way when you are doing the normal tasks that account for ninety precent of your business.

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MustardSeed Administration

To show Gods love in Christ by working in partnership with the church, community and those in need so that together we achieve wholeness.

The Mustardseed Food Bank is a non-profit organization dedicated to help people in need in the Victoria area. ComTech provides administrative software to aid in the management of supplies and services.

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Adminstrators can use the latest in data-driven Web technology to generate draws, publish scores and maintain league statistics. A powerful database engine can generate round robin draws in seconds for up to 17 teams/players. You specify the number of rounds and the start date, the system does the rest. After generation, your draw is immediately available for your players to access from their homes over the Web.

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

Established in 1956, Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility is a B.C. based, multi-service, registered charity that exists to reduce hearing-related communication barriers by providing access and inclusion for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The only centre of its kind in Western Canada, Wavefront Centre provides a full range of programs and services “under one roof”.

ComTech provides custom web-enabled Business Administration software to allow Wavefront Centre to fully support their client management needs. This includes complete scheduling, billing and invoice systems that are fully integrated one package to minimize and streamline their daily workload.

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Chief and Petty Officers Mess

The Mess is a non-public entity and is designed for the social and professional use of the Chiefs and Petty Officers and guests of Maritime Forces Pacific.

This web is a data-driven application to promote activities for their organization. Administrators enter information using dynamic forms that are simple and intuitive to complete.

ComTech Server Monitor

ComTech has created a vast array of tools to monitor your servers and let you know when there is a problem. Get notified by EMail or Text before your clients start calling asking for action.

These tools also give you server statistics and metrics you can use to keep track of server resource requirements.

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CT Contact Manager

Web Contact Manager Contact Manager service powered by the ComTech data-driven web engine. All of the features you expect from a contact management program integrated into a web application.

The current release supports advanced functions for users of LSS. Automatically convert web forms into drag and drop files for use on the Mac version of LSS.

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CT Mission Control

ComTech has developed tracking tools so you can get metrics on who is using your websites - all of them. Keep track of which sites are generating the most traffic and which sites are being used for harvesting sales prospects.

This tool allows you to see when sites are being used the most and when they are dormant. You can use information such as this to determine when web maintenance should be conducted.

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CTOnePlace Business Administration

Now you can now do all of your business administration and manage your client relationships using one powerful web-based application.

Your customers are your most valuable asset - make sure everything you need to know about them is right at your fingertips!

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This site allows Course Administrators to create examination material for their courses. Students may then access the examinations on the date set by the administrator. Administrators may set options for the exam including:

  • Number of times student may attempt the exam
  • Date and time the exam will be available
  • Length of time the student has to complete the exam
  • Should the questions be mixed up
  • Should the questions be presented by Section name
  • Should the student be allowed to see his results immediately/later/not at all
Exams may be saved and used over and over while the randomizing function makes the exams seem different even though the questions could be the same. Administrators may create answer keys to allow for easy marking.

Island Mediquip

With five locations on Vancouver Island, we are the largest independent dealer of home medical equipment in our region. As a proudly Island-owned and operated business, we have been providing quality home medical equipment on Vancouver Island for 14 years.

Our goal is to provide you with reliable and timely service, and we pride ourselves on providing quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your needs.

ComTech provides custom software for their business administration needs from Point-Of-Sale to all aspects of customer management.

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Mortgage Canada

Victoria, British Columbia-based company providing a low rate mortgage placement service to prospective home buyers and those renewing their existing mortgages.

Since we represent many lenders, you are guaranteed we have your best interests at heart. Best of all, our services are provided free - at no cost to you! We offer services for properties in Canada, but are not limited to Canadian customers only, helping numerous satisfied clients around the world

New Brunswick Deaf and Hard of Hearing

We integrated 75 years of a cumulative shared experience of offering support, advocacy, direct and indirect client services, interpreter services, assistive technology, employment support services, social development, community development, literacy, life skills training, Language Classes and Baby/Toddler Sign Language Classes, Parenting Programs for parents of Deaf children, Deaf Culture Awareness, and our Hearing Aid Recycling Program in collaboration with local Hearing Aid dealers and the hospitals’ Audiology Departments.

ComTech provides custom web-enabled Business Administration software to allow NBDHHS to fully support their client management needs. This includes complete scheduling, billing and invoice systems that are fully integrated one package to minimize and streamline their daily workload.

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Now you can avoid the high cost of maintenance and replacement for this expensive Military hardware. ComTech has produced a cost effective alternative. The ComTech USH-26 emulator allows you to connect to your current NTDS bus to control or emulate all of the functions of the USH-26 magnetic tape unit.

"Our mission is to improve our clients' businesses by reducing operating costs, boosting productivity & enhancing competitiveness"