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Job Opportunity

ComTech is constantly expanding its work force. We are always looking for part-time developers with the ability and resources to tele-commute. ComTech staff are issued projects through email, web and phone. Members are required to log hours for designated projects through ComTech"s advanced project management web application.


Candidates must have their own hardware and software necessary to complete their assigned tasks. Applications include Delphi and/or Kylix, Word, IE4 or above and an HTML editor. Interested individuals will be assigned small tasks of increasing complexity as time goes on until they have proven their level of expertise.

How Does It Work

Assignments are rated for the amount of time it should take to complete and payment is based upon this estimate. Individuals always have the option of rejecting the assignment if they so choose. It should be noted here that " tele-commuting" requires a great deal of personal discipline and dedication. Tasks must be completed on schedule and up to the ComTech programming standard.

Skills Required

Candidates must be intimately familiar with these products:
  • Delphi Enterprise Version 5 and above and/or Kylix
  • Developing Web Applications with Delphi
  • Perl
  • Java Script
  • Database access components

If you are interested in this exciting start to a rewarding career in software development, please send your resume to ComTech at this address:

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